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Are you sick and tired of setting up book writing deadline after deadline just to watch them shamelessly woosh by you?


And let’s not talk about that old half-finished book you keep in an external drive in your desk.


The next season will roll around soon and you know that annoying cousin you

don’t like will ask you about your book (knowing you have not finished it yet).



You’ve been trying your best, buying EVERY book, attending every conference or workshop that promises to give you THE secret to FINALLY finish YOUR book but none of it is working.


If you are honest with yourself you will admit that you have not found just the right program for YOU! You are not asking for much, after all: you are smart, committed and determined to write your story, you just need the tools, support and the right community to do so. It really shouldn’t be this hard.


You sit down with snacks, a smoothie, and cozy PJs to write YOUR book you stop
after just 30-minutes because your book feels like a big scary project to tackle by yourself…and let’s be honest–you get distracted by Facebook, Instagram, and then your 15 minutes into Pinterest before realizing you’re distracted and stuck again so you give up for the day.


The truth is that what you are doing is not working, it has not worked for a VERY long time.


The longer you keep trying the wrong things the longer your story remains unwritten and untold. That is NO good. Do you know why? Because the whole point of writing the book was so your story would help and encourage others. Besides, you just KNOW it’s going to feel AMAZING when you finally get to hold your book for the first time.




Picture this: you wearing your favorite and comfiest writing sweater, you have a killer book outline and are armed with ALL the tools to write YOUR story. Can you see it? There’s a fresh mug full of your favorite chai tea in front of you and the room smells like lavender. And the writing,  it’s different this time…the writing is the best it’s ever been. Finally. It’s happening. You’ve found the missing link to it all!


Can you see it now? You have a supportive community of like-minded writers that are as committed as you are to finish their book and the BEST and most supportive writing coach this side of the Mississippi is in your corner cheering you on reminding you: “You can do this, you are closer than ever.”


Every day you get up, rested, excited and ready to pour your heart and soul into your book. You know you are supported and if you have any questions, they will be answered. You are not writing the book by yourself and FINALLY, you can see your the finish line…within the 90-days you promised yourself and God.


Who AM I and how can I help YOU?



Want to know how I understand your pain and frustration SO well? Like, “Cat, how are you in my head right now!?”




I used to be you. I spent 20-years NOT writing but wanting to SO badly. I KNEW, from a very young age that I was a writer. It was part of who I was, whenever I needed to process something or to escape my reality writing was always my refuge. I KNEW I would write books, it was just a matter of time. Then my family moved to the United States when I was about to turn 19-years old and just like that my dream of becoming a writer died…or so I thought. My writing voice left me as I navigated a brand new life and a brand new language.


My life was not so bad, I learned the language, went to college, got myself a corporate career but STILL, in the back of my mind writing kept tugging at me. I made SO many attempts to write, but it all felt foreign to me, alien even. The thing that used to come easily to me became nearly impossible. I could not understand why then, but I do now (more on that later).


Finally, one day I got tired of trying the same thing and still expecting a different result. I remember it like it was yesterday, a brand new year started and I was looking at my calendar; I was about to pencil in my new book writing deadline (as I had done MANY years before) when I realized something VERY disturbing. I was about to turn 39-years old. “What? That is not possible, can it be?”  I said to myself. But the math did not lie, then I could not help but do more math. I did not like that number any better, TWENTY long years had gone by and still, I did not have a book. Something inside of me snapped, the same old approach was not going to cut it anymore.


I had TOO many obedience books inside of me and you know that delayed obedience is disobedience, right? Not only was I letting myself down, I was also letting God down. Not writing my story and how God had delivered me was no longer an option.


The bible says: Write the vision and make it plain – Habakkuk 2:2

What does your vision look like? It is time to make it plain. Have you read The Message version?



And then God answered: “Write this.

   Write what you see.

Write it out in big block letters

   so that it can be read on the run.

This vision-message is a witness

   pointing to what’s coming.

It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait!

   And it doesn’t lie.

If it seems slow in coming, wait.

   It’s on its way. It will come right on time.


MANY need you to make the vision so easy to read and understand that it frees it them too. You do know that your book is not JUST about you, right? You do know that your book will open doors for you that NOTHING else can open for you.


Yes, the book will bless SO many others but first it will help YOU!


I knew that ALL I needed was to finish the first book (yes, like you I knew I had MANY books inside of me) and the rest of the books would follow. I was right, the best selling book: Dream Big came out in 2015 and I have not looked back. I’ve made SO many costly mistakes, I learned the hard way too. Since I am a nerd and a systems gal I decided to create for YOU the tools I did not have for 20-years.


I am a nerd and a systems chic so I decided to document ALL the tricks I learned out of necessity. Since I am a speaker and a conference junky people would ask me how I wrote so many books so FAST, eventually I decided to finally teach ONE writing class so they would stop asking. But then it happened, I stood in front of the classroom and I fell totally in love with the teaching process and the students. Like every week I would dress up and teach my students how to write a book. It was magical. I thought it would be a one-time thing but that was just the beginning. Soon people were asking me when I was going to teach them online, I love technology so I said yes and as they say the rest is history. I created The Writing Made Simple System™  for writers just like you. Too many amazing writers like yourself struggle for FAR too long and it does not have to be that way. The Writing Made Simple System™ exists because writing does not have to be hard and it does not have to take long either!


As a woman of faith, I love sharing my story with others, as an encouragement to those going through what I have gone through. I wanted to create a program where everyone felt welcomed, whether we shared the same faith or not. Writing has been the best venue for me to meet like-minded people and I know it’ll be the same for you.


This program is not your typical writing workshop or course, this is an all-inclusive, hands-on, intimate space for serious writers that are ready to write their book in 90-days and want the support necessary to make that happen.


From my experience and coaching hundreds of clients and students to write their own books I’ve developed The Writing Made Simple System and you are invited to join in and finally WRITE THAT BOOK!


What’s SO different about The Writing Made Simple System™?


As the name indicates this is a 90-day program, why? Great question, because we are ALL very busy, I have run other programs – 30-40 days – and while many of the students were successfully writing their books many failed to actually make it all the way to the pre-publishing stage. Believe it or not, that is the MOST critical and sensitive stage for writers, the time to release their ‘baby.’


You have NO idea how many students I have had to remind why they wrote their book and why they wanted to share it with the world in the first place. I added more time and support to my program in order to almost guaranteed (if you show you and do the ALL the work your book will be completed in 90-days) everyone in the Write Your Book in 90-Days Program™ gets ALL the support and has ample time to finish their book (yes 90-days is ENOUGH time to finish your book).


This is one of the reasons why I love creating and continuity, both give you data. With that data, I have been able to make changes/improvements to a program that works well for many writers, but NOT for all writers and that, just won’t do.


This is my formula:


Ideal writer + The Writing Made Simple System™ +  A Writing Conducive Environment + Time + Expert Support/Accountability = a well written and ready for publishing book


The elements above were the ones I SO desperately needed the 20-years I tried to write my book on my own. It is my desire and hopes that EVERY person that wants to write a book gets to do so while having fun, feeling supported and with ALL the tools they need. Just thinking about this wish and desire of mine makes my heart swells with love and puts a big old smile on my face.



Check Out What’s inside the Write Your Book In 90 Days Program™: 


  • Writer’s Core Skills + Resources (a series of videos that’ll prepare your mind and writing space): Writing and self-care, How to write and have a life, How to develop a writing schedule that works for your life, The mindset of a writer, How to set up your writing space, How to deal with writer’s block, Grammar and Writing Confidence Clinics, How to use writing tool


  • Private feedback on book concept/idea


  • Private initial writing assessment and feedback


  • Access to a 40-day devotional for writers


  • 12-online weekly pre-recorded video lessons (uploaded to a private and easy to use platform)


  • Two weekly Live Coaching Calls to answer your questions (12 weeks total) (you only have to attend one, but every week you’ll get the opportunity to register for the day that best works for your schedule) yes, ALL calls will be recorded


  • Virtual Writing Room (you can join any time and write with others)


  • Ninja Book Writing & Tracking Tool™


  • Accountability


  • A private online community where you can ask questions and connect with other like-minded writers


  • How to write an Amazing Book Outline System™ (plus personalized feedback once you write it)


  • Editing Your Book Like a Pro System™


  • Feedback on final book and improvement suggestions







  • Where AM I Map – BEFORE you start writing your book, go through this training and determine where you are and go through the appropriate remedy/training


  • How to write a killer first-time author bio


  • How to name your book and chapters so your book sells like hotcakes



I know it can be scary to even dare to think this is EXACTLY what you have been praying for, I know cause I have been there myself. See below a sampling of the people I have helped before and what they have to say about the experience:












  • I don’t have time to write right now… Yes, but that was BEFORE you knew how to organize your time and writing space


  • I am not a good writer… The Grammar Clinics and tips from Catherine will help you find and embrace your writing voice


  • What if I don’t do the work, I have tried doing other online courses before…I hear you, other programs did not come with access to your writing coach, weekly coaching sessions (where you can get the answers to ALL your writing and book questions) a committed and giving community of fellow writers






  • Driven awesome peeps like you who are tired of trying to write their book on their own and are GENUINELY  ready to share their wisdom and story with the world


  • Individuals ready for an energy-charged and positive learning environment where great tools and encouragement flow


  • Optimistic, teachable, happy, curious, excited, talented, ready, available, bold and all around #AllKindsOfFine writers with a message and a purpose.






Whiners, complainers, close-minded, lazy, selfish, immature, tardy, negative, know-it-alls and any individuals that DON’T want to write. If that is you, we still love you but please know The Write Your Book in 90-Days Program™ IS NOT for you.





What happens if I get stuck? Reach out to your coach and your awesome fellow writing buddies.


How long is The Write Your Book in 90-Days Program™? The WYBi90D Program is 90-days long, we add two-weeks for implementation and catching up at the end. However, you’ll have access to the program for life.


What genres does this program work for? This program works for fiction and non-fiction, you can use ALL the skills and resources to write your book (Children’s books authors might not get book layout or illustration support).


What if I am not sure about what kind of book I want to write? Great, you will be able to go through one of our core videos and by answering a few questions determine which book to write first.


I have tried to outline my book before but I get overwhelmed EVERY time. How do I change that? No worries, I got you. I developed a system that will walk you through the ENTIRE book outline process!


What if my writing is more than a bit rusty? We all been there, English was not even my first language but that did not stop me from writing 18+ books. We have many resources to help you get your writing dusted off and up to par in no time.




I kept asking myself and God: “why did my writing ability leave me? Why has writing my book been so hard for me?” But I got no answers, but now I know the answers did come before because I was ready for them. Once I was ready it became plain as day: “you needed to know what it felt like to not be able to write when all you wanted to do was write. If you did not know how that felt you would not know how to help others struggling with the same thing.” I felt that answer in my spirit. My pain was never about me, but about YOU! I needed to experience the anguish of having words trapped inside of me and not knowing how to release them. Why? So I could help you TODAY!



I don’t live in the past, but the one thing I do regret is waiting so long to get help to write and finish my book. I don’t know how long you have been wanting to or waiting to write a book but I can tell you this: every day that passes by is another day the people you have been called to serve and help with your book live with pain and sorrow. You a storyteller in the making, let The Storyteller help you tell your story the right way and in just 90-days! Do me a favor, go to this website: https://www.convertunits.com/dates/daysfromnow/90 and see your book’s birthday (as long as you make the decision to write your book). It will change your life to see the date in black and white. What say you, are you ready to add author to your name and social media bio? If you are, just click the button below to apply and see if you are the right fit for this program.