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 Writer’s Coach | Ghostwriter | Business Strategist | Professional certified Life Coach 

Certified Christian Mentor | TEDx/Keynote Speaker | Best Selling Author | Boston and the World | Foodie


My Story


My 12-years of corporate purchasing in multiple industries, strategic sourcing experience, combined with my 8-years of coaching, and writing/teaching give me a well-balanced array of tools and expertise to choose from and generously share when helping others uncover and polish their authentic writing voice.


Did I mention that I have written NINETEEN books in a little over three years? I am the creator of The Writing Made Simple System™, The Write Your Book in 90-Days Program,  among many other programs.Want to know how everything got started? Keep reading then…


 January was just beginning and my birthday was about 5-months away BUT that did not stop me from getting excited about it.
I have always LOVED my birthday. I just KNEW this was the year! “THIS was the year I would FINALLY write my book, as a birthday present to ME. After all, I was turning…wait, what? Was I turning 39-years old? WHAT? How did that happen?” I remember telling myself. “I was just twenty-five years old…yes…no, actually, that was a GREAT while back.” I finally realized. 
“How many times had I promised myself I would finish my book by my birthday? Could it be? Had it been twenty-years of false starts, empty promises, bribes and half-finished books?” I guess so I finally admitted to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I did not think my life was over because I was turning thirty-nine years old. The number that worried me was the other one. The misused, wasted and forever gone years of planning, hoping and expecting a book.
Right there and then I JUST knew I could not tackle this book writing dream of mine in the same way I had done all those other years before. I was not insane after all. I discovered more than twenty ways of how NOT to write a book. I needed help cause I was WAY over my head. 
I got busy right away, I began to look for writing retreats. After all, writing from home was “impossible” or so I thought. I decided to find anything that would give me an edge, something that would ALMOST guarantee I would THIS time write my book before or by my 39th birthday. 
I looked for retreats in Maine and San Francisco. Everyone KNEW those were THE writing cities. Where did I get that intel anyway? Almost immediately I found several retreats, but they were taking place AFTER my birthday. No, that simply would not do. I looked for workshops in my area, but none of the days worked with my corporate schedule.
I almost gave up until I had the brilliant idea: “why not do a virtual retreat?” I thought that was a brilliant idea! Even if I came up with it myself. I began to search for one almost feverishly (I am a self-proclaimed nerd, and proud of it), but I found NOTHING. How could that be possible? Clearly, someone must have thought of it I said to myself.  
I finally found someone to help me finish my first book. After all, I already knew how to write, ALL I needed was the accountability, to be surrounded by other eager writers like me.
I could feel it in the air, this was it. It would work. I would finish my book. Granted, NOT ‘the book’ but a book never the less.
I knew I had MANY stories and books inside of me. I got the go-ahead to begin and I wrote, I wrote and I wrote. My fingers flew across my keyboard. The story was coming out of me ALMOST faster than I could type it. I finished the program and just like that my first book was born. Just like that.
I felt like a champion; as if I could take on the world. The best part? My birthday was still three months away!
With my starter book out of the way I gained the confidence to write my “real book”. I began working on it almost immediately. I began to write with wild abandonment. The words coming easier and easier. I was a writer. I learned VERY quickly that my problem before was that I was not doing the ONE thing I was born to do, writing.
“Writers write” whispered my heart. Guess what? I completed ‘my real book’ all 300+ pages plus BEFORE my birthday. I did it!
That was a little over three years – go ahead and do the math I don’t mind – I made many costly mistakes, but I also learned a lot. Writing 19+ books in that short while will teach you a LOT.
Those days, weeks, months and years in my writing laboratory made me a better writer, I learned how to avoid and minimize the impact of writer’s block. I learned how to find my authentic writing voice and more importantly, I found my true calling. I discovered, reluctantly by the way, that at the core of me I was a storyteller. A coach and a teacher that uses stories to help others communicate and connect with their audience. 
What’s your story? what’s your writing journey? Have you struggled to find your voice? Not the voice others say you have, YOUR authentic voice. Your unique way of connecting and communicating with the people you have been called to serve.  
As a woman of faith I understand the desire to serve others, I understand the frustration, fear, and resistance. I have gone through EVERY stage of denial when it came to my calling, but ONCE I stopped squirming and coming up with excuses as to why I could not do it, I leaned into it and the more I surrendered the easier it got to share my gifts and talents with others. 
Whether speaking in front of a handful or almost a thousand people, teaching at a church or at a corporate workshop I am still in awe of the work I get to do. I won’t lie, there are days I still wonder and ask: “why me?” but I still choose to show up, I still choose to share what I have learned. I choose to lead others through the process of finding their writing voice. 
I am NOT your typical writing coach, I won’t lie and tell you it has been easy, but I will show you the systems and processes I have put in place that MAKE Writing Simple because it does not have to be hard. My Writing Made Simple System™ has and is helping my students and clients write books all over the world. 
I am proud to say that I am an author, a teacher, business strategist, and a storyteller. It is my pleasure to turn wanna-be writers into SERIOUS writers.
If you are serious about writing your book THIS year you must know it is POSSIBLE. However, don’t be like me, don’t wait until half your life has passed you by to get your writing career starter. Don’t forget that your story is the KEY to someone else’s deliverance. 
Happy writing, 
Catherine Storing