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About me


Writing Teacher/ | Writer’s Coach | Ghostwriter | TEDx/Keynote Speaker | 2x Best Selling Author |

Minister | Boston and the World | Foodie

My biography

I have been coaching (that includes: organizing/optimizing, shopping and confidence building) others (everything started with the need of finding my own authentic style) for more than twenty years (even when I did not know it yet). I never thought my love for words, books, and writing would allow me to pool my expertise and help others bring out their authentic voice from hiding.


My 12-years of corporate purchasing in multiple industries, strategic sourcing experience, combined with my 6-years of coaching, and writing/teaching give me a well-balanced array of tools and expertise to choose from and generously share when helping others uncover and polish their authentic writing voice.


Did I mention that I have written THIRTEEN books in a little over two years? I am the creator of The Writing Made Simple Academy, The Complete Authors Bible Master Class and Edit Your Book Like A Pro Courses.