Writing Made Simple | The Truth About Entrepreneurship | Epis 10
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The Truth About Entrepreneurship | Epis 10

The Truth About Entrepreneurship | Epis 10


I am SO excited to share this weeks podcast episode. Do you know why? Because we have our FIRST guest this year. I got to interview an amazing lady I look up to. Her name is Stef Gass. She is doing great things in business. She is also a Kingdompreneur; she helps other mompreneurs grow their business while remaining authentic and VERY funny. 

We got a VERY candid conversation about entrepreneurship, we talked about the REAL stuff entrepreneurs go through. We busted quite a few myths and I believe we’ll be encouraging other Kingdompreneurs that are real people and are TOTALLY called to the marketplace. 
You will laugh, and probably recognize yourself when you listen to this week’s podcast episode. I cannot wait for you to listen and watch over the blog. Without further ado I give you Stef Gass. 

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Well hello there welcome to another episode of the Teach Your Easy Podcast with Catherine Storing and yes, it is Catherine Storing again. I’m so excited, for the last few months you have been spoiled and you have been listening to yours truly. But sometimes, Okay, I’m not gonna do this very often. But sometimes we have to bring in the big guns and have a sister conversation and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today. Okay, so you’re in for a treat. We have been talking and I’ve been warming up; talking about all things, embracing your calling, getting started with the new year and really embracing that you are a Kingdom Woman and as a kingdom woman you have many, many, many, many gifts and you get to use ALL those gifts in different capacities. Okay, and we don’t have to be one dimensional.

So, because of that, I decided to bring an amazing lady who’s killing it on social media, and she has embraced both her faith and her business at the same time, she makes no apologies. She is one of the realest people that I know; so, she’s not perfect, thank God she’s not perfect cuz listen I’m not perfect either. So, I think we’re going to get along just fine, so let me tell you a little bit about her. I have to read it to you because it is so good and then we’re going to bring her on and we’re just going to have an awesome chat. So, her name is Steph Gass and she’s a wife, a mama from Tijeras, New Mexico now I’ve been dying to say Tijeras because that’s how you say Tijeras, New Mexico.

You will most likely find her in PJ’s by 2pm, drinking iced coffee and rocking her mom bun. She’s the host of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show podcast, success strategist and passive income Queen creator. Her mission is empowering women who stepped into their God led potential and claim their success, balance and happiness they deserve. Now you can see why I have to bring this powerhouse of a lady on for us to have this amazing chat.

So, without further ado I am going to bring her on video, there she is. Welcome, Stef. Hey, Catherine. I’m so happy to be here. And y’all can see I was not playing when I said, I am rocking my makeup less mom face, my mom bun and my PJs right now, because let’s just get real, it’s all about comfort when you’re mompreneur. Absolutely, and that’s funny because right before we got on, I was running late because I was picking up my daughter and my niece. So, this is the life of a mompreneur. We embrace it. We don’t apologize. It is what it is. Oh my gosh! Exactly. Exactly.

So, ya’ll are getting me right here in my realness today. So, this is it. So, you guys are watching the podcast. You know that you always have that choice. You can listen, you can watch it, or you can read. I love giving you the options because some people like to do it in different ways. So, Steph, welcome to the show. I’m so excited that you made time to talk to us today. Oh, well. Thank you for having me. I’m blessed to be able to come and spread some more love and hopefully empower your listeners and bring some excitement to the table today. Absolutely, I believe we will.

So, let’s just get right into it. So, how long have you been in business? So, Success with Stephanie, which is my coaching business has been around for about two years. And interestingly, do you want me to just share my story? Okay, so what happened with me as I got introduced to entrepreneurship about seven years ago, and I think like many women, for me, the easiest kind of step into entrepreneurship was through network marketing. And I believe that each moment that we have in our lives, those are predestined. And God said, I’m going to give her this taste of entrepreneurship. Let her experience this and all that was my ultimate journey, but I jumped in with both feet. I ended up going to the top of this network marketing company; walking the stage and I’m holding the $50,000 check. You know, the cars, the trips, all the success, quote unquote, that you would want from something like that. But what happened is I just wasn’t feeling really fulfilled. And I was having all this success at the expense of my marriage, my children. I was on the phone all day, every day, morally, I was having issues with the industry. And long story short, around, gosh, five years into my network marketing career, the next best company came out and everybody started leaving and hop into the next best thing and I really had a literal come to Jesus moment.

Catherine, I’m like, am I going to do this again and rebuild it and be gone all the time and traveling and yes, the money is great, but I’m just not happy. There’re so many other areas in my life that are lacking because of this and so I just dropped to my knees and I said, “God show me the next steps,” and that’s terrifying, right? We were having cash flow problems; because we have $17,000 a month and then within six months it’s cut in half. So I borrowed money from my son savings account. That was probably the darkest day, I was 60 pounds overweight, I had just had our second son and it was like everything was just crushing me. But I decided okay, I’m not going to panic. I did panic; let me just tell you, I did panic. But then I said, “you know what I’m going to just chill out, I’m going to take a step back from the situation and I’m going to let go and really let God.”

For the first time in my life, I’m not going to create the answer here. For the first time ever like I’m going to relinquish my crazy “A” Type, control freak self, right?

And I want to say, “God step in.” So, he brought me a new mentor. He actually helped me, I truly believe, get rid of some relationships that were not helping me. And he allowed some new friendships to step in. And over the course of about a year, I went through this really big transition. And I think so many times when we have these deep seasons or these hard moments, those are the breakthroughs. And that’s what happened for me.

So, these mentors looked at me and said, “Hey, Steph, what is it that you love about network marketing? You know, and have you ever considered being an educator or a coach?” And I’m just sitting there like, what does that even mean? I don’t know. I haven’t ever considered that. But the idea planted itself in my mind, I believe one of the many divine interventions that we receive, and people started knocking on my door and saying, “hey, Steph, do you do coaching, do you know, have courses, do you do this?” And all of a sudden, I was like, Okay, I hear you, God, I hear you, boo. Like, let me get on this. And so that’s how it was born. And amazingly, when you get in line with his call over your life, the doors open, and people started appearing and the finances and the provision started to flow in. And I believe that when I stopped trying to control my own destiny, everything was born.

So that’s how I became a Success with Stephanie and like you had mentioned I basically mentor and empower women through programs; courses, coaching, my podcast, to find out what they’re called to do. To kind of help them through that process, but more importantly, to understand that they can live a truly balanced life, in all areas and really live their best life. That we have to stop making excuses for why we can only be good at one thing and start capitalizing on just been incredible, amazing and having happiness in all areas. Oh my God, that was so, there were so many nuggets in there, that was so good thank you so much for your candidness and sharing your story. Because, I don’t know if you’ve seen this on social media, but people love to make a fantasy out of being an entrepreneur. Like I decided to open my doors, I became an entrepreneur and all this money came in, I made no mistakes. I did not invest in the wrong program and everybody bought my stuff right away. Like that’s not my story, either.

 No, and you know what, I think it’s hard because we think as online entrepreneurs, the only way someone’s going to take me seriously is if I have all the success. And so, I’ve gotta be like, hey guys, I’m an entrepreneur and then tomorrow, hey guys, I made six figures. Just because we feel like we can’t coach anyone or be mentors or help anyone if we hadn’t made it or had success.

But here’s what I say to people about that. You are always two steps ahead of someone else out there. Right? Right. And if we don’t have the hard moments, we can’t have the success story. And if you aren’t true, and telling your truth about where you really are, it’s going to fall apart. Like, just like with my network marketing business for so long, we were just talking about, Oh, it’s so easy. And we’re able to juggle this with our kids and, you know, have all this income and the success. And pieces of that were true, but we were hiding the realities of how much work and effort, and you know, the sacrifices that we were making to have that. And also, the fact that not everyone’s a salesperson. Right, but yes, so you’re right. But I say you will have more success, long term, sustainable success if you just be honest.

And so, when I started the podcast, I said, I will do this, it’s all true. “If I have one download for all of 2019 like that is freakin’ cool. And I’m going to be excited. And, I’m never going to lie about anything.” None of it because I know that someone out there is going, “hey, well, I want one download”, you know. So yeah, it’s like just own it because wherever you are, that is a success story in and of itself. Absolutely. And you never know how your story is going to impact and encourage somebody else. I just had an amazing lunch with a friend, and I was just looking at her, we were having this great moment, right? And we’re going back and forth; we’re eating but we’re laughing and she’s also a woman of faith and we’re making plans and talking about our businesses. And I’m looking at her and I’m in awe of her, right and I told her that, and she’s like girl I’m in awe. I’t was such a love fest because we are doing great things in different areas and we cannot minimize what we do because somebody else is doing something else great, somewhere else. That is their zone of genius. And I love that all of us have that. And we don’t have to be jealous. Or even thinking about the audience cuz everybody is not for everybody. Like there are so many coaches because there’s so many people in different styles.

So, let’s talk a little bit about that. How did you have the courage to say these are people, these are the women that I want to serve? Like, did you ever have an internal dialogue with yourself saying, “oh, my God, am I crazy to say, these are the women that I want to work with?” Absolutely. So, you know, when I started out, the natural transition for me was to work with network marketers, right? That’s what I knew. That’s where I began and I started taking on some clients and within about three months, I recognized that, that was not the client I really that I wanted. Like, I was so excited when someone would come to me and say; I have an idea and I think I could do this, but I don’t know what I could create from it, not the same old thing.

And so, I sat down, and I have this in almost every one of my courses now, because I think it’s so critical. You get a piece of paper and you write down your dream client. And I mean, you’re writing it as if she is right there next to you. That best friend at coffee with you that you just went too, you love her. Like you’re so obsessed with this person. She’s usually just like you. What does she look like? What does she do? What are her passions? Does she drink coffee like you all day? Like, is she in her PJs at home? You know, what does she like? And I even named her and all of it. And then I had to say what is my time worth right, because you also have to create worth in what you offer, and I think it was really critical for me to say this woman can afford to pay x y z because you know I prefer to never take personal clients.

If everyone wants to buy online courses. And I’m 1,000% passive, that’s amazing. But if somebody wants to pay a premium to work one on one with me, I want that availability for them. But I need them to understand, you know, that there’s a worth tied to that. So, it was also putting it out there into the world. And on paper, she’s able to pay this amount. And so, when you create this, when you write things down, I believe that the act of writing helps you to kind of create a roadmap for your subconscious mind to follow. So, in my subconscious every time I create an Instagram post, a blog or a podcast, I’m speaking to her. And the beauty of that Catherine, as soon as I did that exercise and I started speaking to her at her level and just claiming it, she started to appear. It’s wild like the clients would just come knocking and go, “hey, I’d like to do an eight-week package.”

And they were just coming to me. And it was exactly the woman I wrote down. So, if that’s what I think, I think it’s writing it down, it’s being very clear about who your perfect client is. And then putting that out there into the world and almost creating your content as if you’re speaking directly to her or him. Now, that is, yeah, of course. I love that. But something that you mentioned makes sense. So, you have to create the worth. How do people get there, right? Because I know, I struggle with saying I couldn’t even say a number.

 I remember, I’ll tell this quick story. I had a discovery call with someone and she described that it was amazing. And then she said, and “my rate is $6,000.” The way she said “$6,000.” It was like she said, “$25.” Like to her, it was just money. Like I said, “one day I’m going to be able to say my rate” and I will not explain, I will not apologize, I will not read them my resume. And that lady has no idea how much she blessed me by stating her worth. Did you ever have that moment where you decided Stef is worth this much? Yes. And I’ll tell you what happened.

You know, it’s tough. Like ladies, we feel you when you have bills to pay. And I was going through this moment with all these cash flow issues. Like we had when we were making that much money; we started living like it, we bought an RV, we bought all these things and all of a sudden when the money is cut in half, you have the bills coming in and you’re like, what did we do? And I’m panicking, should I get a job, should we do this, should we? And I took a client who I said, “you know what, I’ve known you a while I’ll just give you, this intro rate and it was like 50% off.” It was just a quick hour and it was going to just be this thing that I don’t really like to do, you know, like actual creation with her which I’m more of a big picture person.

And so, I mean, I spent probably three hours with this person for half the amount I would have charged for an hour. And then she kept coming back and bless her soul kept coming back more and more and more. And this thing isn’t working. And this thing isn’t working. And I was like, you know what, I will never do that again. Because if I would have, just said, “this is my rate”, she would have figured it out. And also, it’s for one-hour period, right? Like, period, if you want more, we’re going to renegotiate our contract. And so, it was almost as if and I don’t know taking advantage of is the right word because it’s hard when you deal with friends. But at the same time, I felt resentful after that whole experience. And that was the moment I said no more. And so right now today, if someone asked me “hey, how much is it?” It’s like boom, I’m giving it to you and exactly what you said “my rate is my rate” period and you know what’s interesting Catherine, is they go oh, ok.

When I stopped devaluing myself, people started showing up with the amount because here’s what’s going on. When you step up and you claim your worth, what is God going to do? He’s going to provide you the clients that can pay for you, that know your worth, they’re going to show up, they’re going to be excited, they’ve invested in this. And so, they’re going to stay, you know, right here, I’m here like, I am all here and I’m gonna get as much as I can out of this because I’ve actually invested all of this income.

And I also remind people like, you know, we’re so afraid of money and asking for what we’re worth. But you know, think about it in God terms, he can look at it and there’s abundance just bursting at the seams, you know. And so, it’s like, why are we afraid of something that is so much bigger than us? We just have to say money is an energy and money allows me to help more people, to grow faster and to pour into others. And it’s okay to have money, it really is, it really is. It’s so awesome and the fact that money is just an exchange. I always say I’m not in the selling business, I’m in the transformation business. I am going to give you something and because I gave you something; that’s just the way the world works, you give me something in return. And many other women that I know you serve, and I serve, they have no problem paying all the people for their services. But for some reason when it comes for them to receive, they have these hands on like oh, you know it’s okay or next time. I’ve seen people like refuse money, even though they need it.

Yes, it’s just that mental stuff that comes from your subconscious. It’s hearing your whole life we can’t afford it. No, there’s not enough. Oh, I never be good enough to get that. I can’t have this and it’s simply getting over the mind blocks that are keeping you from receiving abundance. And you’ve got to do that inner work. If you’re facing that and you’re afraid to charge what you’re worth, you’re afraid to ask that client, look inside and start there. I think it’s asking yourself, what are the limiting beliefs that I have surrounding money, write them all down, and then reframe them. For example, instead of saying, I can’t afford that, reframe it and say, I’m so grateful that the abundance is flowing to me so that I can buy that. Like the money is already here. It’s already right there for you. But you’re the one saying I’m not ready for it. You’re the one saying it, it’s not, you know, so if you imagine it, like I have a brick wall up against receiving money, and it’s coming from these limiting beliefs. If you have the power to write out your limiting beliefs and smash down the brick wall. Why wouldn’t you do that? So, write them down, create a different belief system.

Write it down and start saying the new beliefs out loud and watch the money flow. It’s just wild. It is, and I love the fact that you’re talking about limiting beliefs. And the other, one of the biggest ones is FEAR. Because when you start talking like that, especially to other believing women, some of them have been raised in environments where talking about money by talking about money is bad, talking about limiting beliefs or believing that God wants us to have more.

There are some relationships that unfortunately, are not going to make it over. Have you ever had to lose friends because you are leveling up, has that ever happened to you? Oh, man, has that ever happened to me!? Let me tell you what. So back when the network marketing thing was kind of transitioning, I had this best friend, best friend I thought at the time and basically, we had this huge falling out because of the network marketing thing and she was going to this other company. And then started to take people from my organization and just silly things like that. And we had this huge falling out, all of these horrible things that she said to me and I, at first, I was so devastated. Like, I felt like I was going through a divorce because this person was an everyday staple. I mean, I talked to her every day, we had been through this whole business experience together, and all the sudden she was gone, and I just felt so heartbroken. I really struggled with it.

 And then interestingly, God brought in a new friend and I think it’s interesting sometimes you have to release the old so that you can receive the new. And this new friend walked in who is my very best friends still to this day and she brought to the table with her all of these amazing tools and she taught me about limiting beliefs and money mindset. She’s real into the whoo you know, she introduced me to the Whoo. And I’m like, Oh, my gosh, where’s this been all my life. And so, it’s interesting because I thought that I was losing something super important to me. But what was actually happening is I was transitioning to this new place in my life. And I was starting to write a new chapter in the book of my life. And I believe that God knew I wouldn’t have been able to do it with that relationship.

So, through a series of events, I believe he helped me to release the old, welcome the new and now if I look back, I’m so grateful. I really am so grateful for the relationships that I was able to walk away from, that were hurtful, that weren’t serving me as much as I was serving them and I wouldn’t have been able to kind of level up and do what I’m doing now without the new friendships that have walked in. And it’s so hard because the people that are around you, you think they’re your everything. And there’s nothing wrong with them. They’re not bad people. No! But everybody has a different growth story. I’m not saying I won’t be reconciled with some of these people later. But they’re going to have to go through their own transition, their own growth and realize that you know that they are also worthy.

And if and when that day comes, I will welcome them with open arms and be receptive. Also, I’ll say; you guys, there’s a lot of love and growth that comes from forgiveness and working really hard to forgive those people or those relationships. And then releasing them in order for the new people to flow in as well. So, don’t put that past you right, you’ve got to also forgive in order to grow forward. Absolutely. I think that’s key. But the one thing I think that many women do is because they’re such a good friend, they tend to like to wait for people and I have learned that my race is not anybody else’s race, my timing is not their timing, especially if they’re not ready to be able to manage the blessings.

Because if you watch those people that have like the one hit wonders and they’re coming, they’re gone because they picked two quick. And they didn’t have any foundation so that they didn’t have any other songs, didn’t have anything else going for them. And I don’t know if you watch the Oscars and I rarely do. My sister was watching them and one of the first awards was Regina King and she won for Best Supporting Actress and I’ve been watching her for a long time and I basically Google her right away and she’s been acting since 1984. Ok and now it’s 2019. If you do the math, which I did before 34 years, right, 34 years of doing the same thing and not giving up. Like she’s been in so many movies, so many shows.

Let’s talk a little bit about endurance because any success that you have, and I have hasn’t been overnight. Have you ever had people come to you and be like, oh, you know, easy for you to say or assume that it has been like easy peasy, road? Oh, all the time and this is I believe all of us, especially those that have clarity on what our calling is. We want it yesterday. It’s an instant gratification society. Everybody’s out there on social media posting about how perfect everything is, and I get it. You know, I was that person and I still am that person sometimes. But I tell my clients over and over and, on my podcast, you hear me say this. If you really want to achieve something great. Like if you have this dream or this goal that’s inside of your soul, you will be tested. How badly do you want that goal? And it’s not I’m going to start, and I’ll give it a couple months and then if it doesn’t work out. I’ll just back away from it.

No, you know, you weren’t given a dream on accident. And I believe that if you were given a dream, a wish and a call on your heart, God will provide the resources, the people, the provision, the favor for you to achieve it. But we don’t understand his timeline. It’s not our choice to say I’m going to be fully successful in this and have all the clients and all whatever it is that you’re going after. We can’t determine timeline but here’s what we know for sure, is that God will deliver on his promise if you will stay there until, if you will keep showing up. If you will keep working at the dream. If you will show up for him, he will show up for you. So, you know, my biggest thing for people is if you can just go forward with the dream and understand that you got to have the long vision and create something.

So, here’s what I like to do. So even with weight loss, people go, “well here we are six months in, and I haven’t made any progress.” I’m going to quit. And how do we know if we have progress, if we’re not taking our measurements, checking all the health stats and seeing even if it’s a tiny bit of progress over that time. You’re going to feel really great, right? So, to encourage us as human beings, track your stats, and I started out this podcast, and I said, I’m going to do my podcast for one year, I’m going to show up every week, twice a week. The only one I missed was Christmas. And I know it doesn’t matter to me if anyone listens at all. But just so that I feel good about this passion project. I’m going to track everything. So, I started tracking the downloads, I started tracking my email list. I started tracking and I’ve already been a tracker like, that’s just who I am. But the beauty of that is here we are, you know, five months into my show and you can take a look and see. Oh, look, I’m growing every month my list is growing.

People are buying things, people were excited. I’m getting so much more engagement and feedback on social media and even if you’re not where you ultimately want to be because God’s size dreams are God’s size dreams, don’t get it twisted like we’re still running right? I believe we will always be striving for our greatest selves. But to be able to look at it and go, hey, but if I’m growing, I know that I’m doing the right thing. So, if you’re struggling with that, it’s don’t give up, it’s show up consistently every day even if it’s a tiny thing you do towards that dream every day. Don’t make excuses for the promises you made to yourself like that’s enough. You owe it to yourself to show up and then lastly, it’s track your progress so that you can be excited and have wins and celebrate the journey towards your greatest achievement.

Absolutely. I hope you guys are listening and watching, taking notes because these are amazing gold nuggets and hopefully it’s inspiring you to get off your fanny. Stop crying because it is not hard for anybody. Don’t assume that it’s easy. When I read, people tell me Oh, my god, you do lives so much and you on video all the time. I was horrible. Okay, I’ll so bad. But I decided to do a YouTube video for a year. This is like before livestream like 2011, okay, I don’t know how I knew something was coming down the pipe, but I just knew I needed it. And now I am a natural, but I developed that muscle, right. Like, if you think about Joseph, and how long it took for him to get to the level that he got. He got to go through so many calamities, so many things that happened to him. He did get there, but he kept showing up. He kept being faithful. He kept doing the best he could and eventually he was recognized. So, this is a long game, game if you will.

Yes. Okay, so funny. Catherine, you just talked about live. I just recorded a show about going live and like the power of video and how gosh, you know, I don’t even remember my stats, but every stat was over 50%. Like people consume video, they want to purchase from video. Anyway, and I told the girls, “I’m like, if y’all want to laugh hysterically, go back on my YouTube channel, like three years ago and just laugh hysterically, like grab a glass of wine and get ready for the show.” Because it’s so funny. But like you said, “you’re going to hone your skills.” It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at your craft. It’s just do it; show up, practice, do it, show up, practice and like what’s the worst that can happen? Somebody laughs at your videos three years from now but look how far you’ve come.

And I love the fact that you left your videos, I left my videos up too and one of my cousins, he was laughing. He didn’t mean to make fun, but he just showed me like you kept playing with your knee and I’m like what? Cause I was doing this like full body thing, and it was like a nervous tic that I didn’t even know I was doing, you know?  Whenever somebody talks about how hard it would be for them, I’m like okay I need you to go check this video out because I want you to see that person and me now and I want you to compare. And again; it’s not overnight success right, like you had to show up, fidget with your knee and be weird on video how many times before you figured out Oh, I should sit still, like it’s a learning curve. It’s a process but if you just sit there in fear and you never try it, well you’re never going to grow.

Then all these years are going to pass you by and then 10 years from now you’re going, “well should I start now?” When you could have started today and 10 years from now all the sudden you have overnight success. Right? Right. And they are some lessons, there are some skills that you might research, or you may want to research it too, but they are some things that you don’t know until you jump into water. So many people wanna tell you, how it feels. They cannot fully describe how it feels. Like when I quit my job. I have heard so many stories, but nobody really can fully prepare you until they have lived it. I can talk about it from over here. But if I haven’t lived it, I cannot really describe it. So, I am going to say if anybody is watching or listening and they really want to go into business and do what God has called them to do, nothing can prepare you for actually doing it.

 No. So many things are going to happen. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I mean, if you just take the step, I think then the answers appear. It’s not Oh, you’re going to have all the answers and then you take the step. Again, we’re being challenged. Are you going to trust me? Right, you know, and I think that if we can just show God, we trust him enough. By going to set up the YouTube channel or I’m just going to start the blog, or I’m going to book the first speaking engagement or write the first page of the book. I believe that then and only then will the answers start to appear. And I don’t believe there’s any better growth opportunity than just getting your hands dirty and messing up a couple times and then figuring it out as you go.

Being real, you need to be real. Like I talked about so many things. And I think you are a perfect example, you show up as real as ever like, your post today. So, if you weren’t before, if you’re not watching her and follow her on Instagram, you have to go watch because it is hilarious, you know, it’s a sensitive subject, but you know, you are going to inspire so many people. Because you’re walking in and there’s somebody somewhere in the world thinking about doing the same thing and now showing up being vulnerable, talking about it, it’s going to make them feel okay, I’m not the only one. This is a real thing. And people are actually doing this huge, courageous thing.

You know, fear is just a test. Yeah, and I think fear is not bad. I think fear is actually really great. Because it allows you to expand. And if we can expand our reach; if we can expand the people that we help, if we can expand our experiences on this earth, if we can expand in any way, there’s going to be fear tied to it. So, if you’re feeling that way, anxiety, a little bit of fear, but it’s like an excited fear. Like, I remember the first time I was ever going to do public speaking, I thought I was going to faint. I was so red my, chest was bright red. I’m all sweaty. I had huge pit stains. I mean, I thought I was going to pee my pants. I stood up, I said what I had to say, and it was like a 60 second testimony, give me a break. But I sat down, and I had blacked out. I don’t even remember what I said. But I got through it. And then the next time I did it, I didn’t black out and then the next time I did it, I got excited. And I was having fun.

And so, here’s the progression of expansion. It starts with fear because you are being tested, are you ready to grow? Right? Are you ready to be your best, will get ready because it’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to feel comfortable, it’s going to freak you out and you’re going to feel everything in your brain is going to be screaming, don’t do this! Stay safe. Stay in the comfort zone. What are people going to say? What if you fail? You’re not good enough. But if you shut that down, and you listen to your heart, and what God is telling you to do, it’s step into the fear, just do it. And it’s going to be worth it. It’s so worth it. It is so, so worth it.

Oh, my God. I can’t believe where the time went, it has been amazing and a half to talk about these things. I know this is going to be a very well received podcast I think is very real. I think it’s going to encourage those that are dancing with the idea of stepping into what God has called them to do. Tell us a little bit about where we can find you and what do you have coming up soon, that is that my audience can hopefully participate and be excited about?


Totally, So, thank you again, Catherine. This has been so fun. I hope you ladies enjoyed it. And the best place to find me is on my website and that is stephaniegass.com on the website. You guys can find out more about my podcast, which is The Mompreneur Mastermind Show I talk about faith lead business, mentorship, balance coaching and everything in between. And then I do have some free gifts especially if you’re an online marketer, I’ve got some free gifts for you, free trainings and all of its over at stepaniegass.com. I’m excited.

Thank you so much for your time. Thank you, Catherine. I know you are welcome. And I love the fact that we were able to talk about Faith, but we didn’t hit anybody over the head with the Bible. I can preach you know, but there’s a time for everything. And we get to, there’s a balance to everything. And I love the fact that this conversation was well balanced, and it’s definitely meant to encourage and to analyze.

I love show and tell and this is the perfect example of show and tell. We can tell you all about it. But we’re about it. We’re doing it. Yeah. We’re doing it authentically as moms, so thank you. Amen. Okay, so there you have it, folks, that was such an amazing conversation with Stephanie. Oh my God, I had so much fun. I think I can talk to her for hours and hours. Oh my God, it was amazing. I’m so excited that we got to have that conversation. I think that if you are vacillating on starting a business; stepping into what God has called you to do, and you know that you’re called, you know that you have some amazing gifts that people like me, Stephanie and many other women all around the world and some brave men need. So, you got to step out and you got to share with the world.

 I want to thank Stephanie for her time, I think she did awesome. Please make sure that you follow her on social media, she is amazing. And I want to also thank our Sponsor for this month which is The Teach Your Easy Manual. I’m so excited, just in a few weeks, oh my God I’m so excited. So, we are doing the 10 Step Formula virtual retreat, it’s coming, I’m so excited about it. We’re doing this every single month, but you don’t want to miss this one coming up. So, if you haven’t registered and if there still spaces available, you do not want to wait because it’s going to blow your whole entire mind.

You have something to share, your amazing right, I call it Teaching Your Easy, well what if within three days you could come out with an amazing program. With an amazing course that you can share with your audience, with the people that you have been called to serve? Wouldn’t that be amazing, I believe that it would. So, I am so excited to fully and formally invite you to The Teach Your Easy virtual retreat. If you want to learn more about it, you can go to teachyoureasy.com/virtual retreat. Teachyoureasy.com/virtual retreat, you’re going to learn all about it.

The next one is coming up super-duper soon. We keep it very small, because I’m going to give you as much as I can and help you within three days. In just three days, you’ll be able to have a course or the program ready to go. I’m so excited about that. And as usual don’t forget to register and subscribe to the podcast, so you don’t miss any of the amazing episodes that we have every single Thursday until that changes. But for now, that’s really working for us. Every Thursday, we have a brand-new episode where you can learn all about business as a kingdompreneur, as a mompreneur. So, thank you so much for listening. For those of you guys watching on the blog. I’m excited that you guys are commenting, sharing and reading. We also have the transcription of the podcast as well. I’m excited. This is one of my favorite things to do. Talking about business as a kingdompreneur and sharing my journey, sharing how God is opening doors, growing me and changing me at the same time. Thank you so much for listening. Remember that I love you. I’m rooting for you. And I’ll see you super-duper soon.




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