Writing Made Simple | The Most Important (And Most Little-Known) Way to Sell More Books
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The Most Important (And Most Little-Known) Way to Sell More Books

The Most Important (And Most Little-Known) Way to Sell More Books

Yeap, there I was again, creeping into my daughter’s bedroom to “borrow” yet another clean camisole this morning. Have you been there, when life get’s so busy that doing laundry does not quite make it to the top of the never ending to-do list? Well, that’s exactly where I found myself this morning…but before I beat myself up too much for that I remembered that sometimes the laundry can take a back seat, especially when you are doing BIG things. Let me give you an example with this story.

Back in 2015, when I started to write books (and finally finishing them) I began to think about a way to help other writers and authors to teach their book’s content. I kept thinking about it but NOTHING would come to mind. I continued writing books but still I had that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that reminded me of the need and desire to help my fellow writers.

To be honest, eventually I forgot about it (maybe because I got frustrated cause I could not find the answer) but God did not forget my heart’s desire. Then last year, while NOT trying to write a book, I got the answer and I did not even know it. The answer was within me ALL along. Back in August I released the audio version of The 10-Step Formula To Teach Your Easy and as awesome as that was, I could not move forward to print the book just yet. I kept on making the formula better. I kept using it myself and adding more resources and tools. And then Yesterday, FINALLY I received the boxes in the mail (You can watch the unboxing video HERE).

I was SO excited to see my FIRST ever hardcover book in the flesh and STILL I did no know what I had in my hands until I retired to my bedroom for the night (and that is fancy speak for as an introvert I was exhausted because I spent most of the day interacting with people and I needed to recharge) and then when I laid down for the night it dawned on me, this is the answer. This is the thing I wanted to create or find. I kind of “stumbled” upon it by “happenstance.” But notice, I did not stop doing what I knew how to do. I kept on moving and JUST like that the answer came, over time.

Now, I won’t lie, I like things to happen right away, but my timing is NOT God’s timing. He made it happened at the right time and the right away.

What does this mean for you? It means that you cannot grow weary in your well doing because in due-season you will see the blessing. So yes, yesterday was blessed in ways I was not even aware of. Yes, I had reason to celebrate but I did not know ALL the reasons to celebrate. Today I am celebrating the hidden blessing and I’m thanking God for giving me the desire of my heart.

I want to encourage you to watch the unboxing video because I did some teaching that will REALLY help you (especially if you are an author) and NEED and WANT to sell more books. You NEED A Companion course ASAP. It is time for you to elevate and go to your next level. Watch the video and feel free to leave me a comment there or reply to this message and let me know how it impacted you.

There you have it, want to sell more books? All you have to do is help your audience more by creating a companion course for your book. Need an example and a gift? Click the on the image or link below for YOUR FREE The Teach Your Easy Course Roadmap: 

Click HERE to Receive YOUR FREE Teach Your Easy 1-Page Course Roadmap


Don’t forget that I love you, and I am rooting for you,



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