Writing Made Simple | Podcast Episode Number 2: Embracing Your Businesship
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Podcast Episode Number 2: Embracing Your Businesship

Podcast Episode Number 2: Embracing Your Businesship

It is time to embrace your businesship. Is that even a word? Find out and learn how to embrace your calling to the marketplace. 



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Episode Summary: 

This episode is ALL about your calling to buinesship and how to embrace it. 


Have you ever been looking for something, that you just felt was missing from your business toolbox? Like you almost feel you found it and it’s close and then BOOM, you realize it’s just not it.  I found myself in that situation last year as I was looking for a Christian based business Podcast for entrepreneurs.  I wanted to find someone I could follow without my ears being assaulted.   So, you know what I decided to do as a Kingdompreneur? I decided to share my gifts and talents and created my own Podcast so other like-minded Christians could listen too.

I Love teaching; it is my Jam, it is what I was called to do it. I want to help you learn how to Teach Your Easy in the simplest form. I realized not everyone knows how to teach what they know, I was that person before and had to pay someone else to do it for me.

This is the year of More; God has so much more in store for us and the form that it will come to us is through business. How we interact with people, how we share our gifts and talents with the world will be what opens doors for us. You don’t have to be conflicted with being a woman of faith and being a business owner.

My gifts and talents are what someone has been praying for and guess what? You are an answered prayer as well for someone else.  There is something that you do with ease that someone has been praying for. I want to help you Teach that thing you do so well and not feel conflicted in building wealth at the same time


I’m excited to take this journey with you, in both ministry and entrepreneurship. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss any of the upcoming new episodes. Why? Because I will be sharing cast tons of business tools and resources. Follow me on Instagram via https://www.instagram.com/catherinestoring/ and ask any questions you may have, and I will address them in future episodes.


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