Writing Made Simple | Why Your Business Needs Copywriting NOW!
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Why Your Business Needs Copywriting NOW!

Why Your Business Needs Copywriting NOW!

What’s copywriting?


It is not just words on a piece of paper, your website or your social media platforms. No, Copywriting is more strategic than that. Copywriting is all about intentionally looking at the audience, the product/service you are offering, your sales goals and putting together copy that connects.

I recently shared with my Facebook Group and LinkedIn that copywriting is one of the main things I do and I received lots of questions about it. So I decided to give you an example, maybe you make the BEST pie crusts this side of the Mississippi and you created the best video step-by-step tutorials for pie-bakers-wannabes.

You KNOW your course is the bomb dot com but just posting a picture of your course, listing what’s included in the course and the price is not working. You need to do something different. 

Now let’s say you hire a copywriter to write your social media posts or emails for your audience. IF you are lucky, you might get something that will connect and move people to make a purchase. 

See below a post someone without copywriting experience might write. 


Your post:

so-so image

I am so excited, I finally finished my first course. This is going to be great. I make great pie crusts and now you will too.

Inside the course, you will find three 1-hour videos, pie crusts recipes and a PDF file answering all your pie crusts related questions.

Click the link below and buy The Easy Pie Crusts from Scratch Course before the price goes up. 

Long and definitely NOT easy to remember Link



This is an example of a Social Media Post I would write as a Copywriter:


Amazing image

You LOVE baking, it is THE thing that relaxes you after a long day and how you show love to your loved ones. You handpick your ingredients and make sure you purchase organic fruit. But the ONE thing you hate about the baking process is making your pie crust from scratch. You have tried EVERY recipe you could find on Google and YouTube. Your best friend has tried to explain the process but somehow your dough crumbles or comes out tougher than overcooked beef. Not good.

What you are looking for is an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense, step-by-step process that ACTUALLY works for bakers like you!

You want to be able to watch the tutorials at your leisure, learn a technique anyone can master and FINALLY learn how to make your own pie crusts from scratch so you can control the quality of the ingredients that go into your pies.

If I just described you then The Easy Pie Crusts from Scratch Course is for You! Learn the technique that has helped hundreds of bakers just like you make finger licking pie crusts from scratch.

How do I know so well what you have been looking for? Because I used to be you, and that’s why I spent countless hours perfecting my technique so you don’t have to buy another subpar frozen pie crust. Why? Because you and your family deserve the best.

Still, have doubts, worry not, the course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you can request your money back. We have also collected ALL the frequently asked questions we have received about pie crust making so you will have ALL the answers you need.

Click the link below and register for the course right away, you will be baking AMAZING pie crusts in NO time.

Easy to remember link (use bitly or another link shortening provider)



Can you see the difference? That’s the caliber of writing you should expect from an experienced copywriter that knows how to connect with an audience’s wants and needs. Next time you are launching something or need to write copy that converts (moves your audience to do what you want them to do send me a message and let’s see if I can help you). 

Post your copywriting questions in the comments.

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