Writing Made Simple | Why Do I write?
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Why Do I write?

Why Do I write?

Why I write


Let me share with you why I write in this short but very candid video. You can also see the video’s transcript below the video. 



Why do I write? I get asked this question a lot, like from a lot of people. I have given different answers for a very very long time. Just recently I decided to seriously think about why I write books. What’s the fascination? So, I decided to take my time because you know what happens as you get older you learn that everything comes with time.  There’s no need to rush this, no need to try to make something out of nothing. So, as I look back I had to go down memory lane and really think about the time I fell in love with books. When the words became my everything; my escape, my freedom, my happiness, my breath.


I remember growing up on an island, The Dominican Republic actually, and it is paradise.


And still I found it critical being able to escape; to go into another world, to go to a place where I could see things that I hadn’t seen before. And the way I could do that was with books.


I remember, every chance I got, whether after school or on a Saturday morning. Oh , my God,I loved Saturdays and evenings, the evenings were amazing. I would curl up somewhere in the front of  my house, on the grass, in my bed or on the floor. For some reason I always liked the floor, you could always find me with a book.


I had two friends that were amazing, and their parents had amazing libraries. I don’t know why their parents let me borrow their amazing hard editions, really fancy-pants books.  But they let me, so I could borrow one book at a time. And they were thick books.


I remember the time I read Love in the Time of Cholera.


Now of course I read that in Spanish, written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; I have no idea why I read that book. Definitely not children approved. I also read remember reading Shakespeare.


I remember reading Dominican authors and I remember getting lost in the stories and creating other worlds. Like I remember I would read something and then I would just go into my own little world.


I would just fantasize and create worlds, create characters, and just create. And that’s when my love affair began with writing, words just became the way that I found myself.  I lost that art for a very long time, fast forward twenty years.


I needed to make some decisions, I couldn’t figure out what I want to do when I grew up.


I found writing again and in a sense, I found myself; and it’s something that I just can’t really put into words. Writing and words have given me, me back, I hope that makes sense. I have found who I really am, what I really want. I’m writing poetry again which is one of my first loves.


I can go into those worlds again and create, I can see it like a symphony of amazingly arranged notes. And I know exactly where every note goes; what each instrument  plays, when they begin and when they end.  I can arrange them in such a way that it becomes the most amazing symphony ever.


I can do that; nobody else can do that but me and the fact that I can do that for myself is mind boggling. But the fact that I get to do that for other people too, where I get to show them this is who you are. Revel in that, enjoy that, see that, embrace that, celebrate who you are, stay in that moment for as long as you can.


Answer the questions; the deepest questions you have always been asking, answer them for yourself first before you answer for anybody else, answer them for you.


You are going to find some amazing answers.


And I cannot believe at this stage in my life that I know this with certainty that this is something that I enjoy, I have found myself.


I get to do something that makes my soul sing; that allows me to be authentically me in every sense of the word, without having to explain or with excuses; I get to just show up and be. When was the last time you felt like that?


When was the last time you looked at yourself and said: I am going to do this” or “this is who I am and I’m okay with that”? My purpose in life is to help people do just that; to help them find themselves, not to impress anyone, not to be anything other than who they are. And once they have that answer then they can work on other answers, but first they find themselves. Who are you? Why where you put on this amazing earth?  What gets you teary eye when you talk about it?  Just me talking about words, writing and teaching, make my soul sing.


To have that thing that you can share with the world, that you can do day in and day out and really be at peace with who you are.


I don’t know if you have that, but I want to encourage you to find it. Because once you do you become free,  you become more of who you are.


You become more magnetic. And listen, if we all had that, the world would be such a different place.  Listen, I think many of the problems we are having today would go away if only people knew who they were. So, to answer your question, yeah that’s why I write, because it helped me find who I am. It helped me come to terms with the findings and it gave me the freedom to help others find the same.  Writing is my art and words are my instrument.

Why do you write? Tell me in the comments section…

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