Writing Made Simple | How to Easily Write Your e-Book in One-Day
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How to Easily Write Your e-Book in One-Day

How to Easily Write Your e-Book in One-Day

Someone asked me for the LAST time: “Can you help me write an e-Book?” I kept saying no, that I did not have time. The truth is, I did not know the value of the knowledge I was sitting on. So when someone asked the other day I said yes. 

I started my writing career by writing a short book, I did it in one day too; writing that book changed my life! It helped me to see myself as a writer, a serious writer. 

Listen, you may have a story to tell, or maybe you are very good at something, like graphic design, virtual assisting or a great makeup artist, whatever your expertise, there are LITERALLY people looking for what you know. Only you can help them. And don’t tell me that what you know its too basic, that’s EXACTLY what people are looking for. How to get started, and how to get better at it. 

Write your e-Book, start making money adding value, making a difference in the world and THEN write your “real book”. That’s what I did. After I wrote my short book Dream Big I wrote my “real book” Styling Faith: The Complete Style Guide. The guide is over 300-pages long, there was NO way I could have written that book first. How do I know? I tried unsuccessfully for 20-years. Don’t do what I did, don’t waste time trying to be heroic and writing a long book BEFORE writing and publishing a “warm-up book.” e-Books are a great source of income, they help you build an audience, give you confidence, and add value. People are NOT reading LONG books (or long blog posts for that matter) anymore. Keep it simple, and then write a follow-up e-Book 😉 

If you are interested in learning How to Write your e-Book in One-Day check out my upcoming workshop: Easily Write Your e-Book in One-Day: 

For more details, visit the workshop’s page HERE or by going to this site: bit.ly/wye1day 

What is your e-Book about? Tell me in the comments section below.

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